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Did you know that stress is one of basic causes for over 70% of all illness?

General Massage Benefits

The basic massage is the first and preferred way to reduce stress. A massage can fulfill reducing many stress relating problems with such beneficial capabilities:

  • Increases blood flow, increases muscle tone, improves oxygenation to muscles, and of course increase relaxation.
  • Supports effective digestion and breathing through stimulation of the vagus nerve.
  • Encourages dietary compliance in diabetic, leading to more normal glucose levels.
  • Lowers blood pressure, anxiety, and hostility levels in individuals with hypertension.
  • Increases job performance and motivation.
  • Reduces the number of headaches and days of migraine headaches.
  • Reduces pain and increases the range of motion in individuals with low back pain.
Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage uses a light rhythmic stroking movement. It is ideal to increase blood supply oxygen and nutrition to muscles tissue. This massage will promote relaxation in joints and vital organs while decreasing stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a special modality. Using thumbs, knuckles, and elbows, it will work connective tissue with very mechanical deep transverse friction. This is an excellent way to release tension in muscles due to overuse or strenuous workouts. Also recommended to relieve pain and discomfort associated with muscles tension, post fractures, sprains, sciatica, and stiff joints.


Myofascial consist of light strokes that focus on the superficial facial layer between the skin and muscle. Another focus is on deep fascia surrounding the muscles weaving diagonally through the body and creating facial sheets. This is another modality that is used to decrease chronic pain and fatigue by relaxing the fascia. Fascia involves structural and visceral support while giving separation and protection. Therefore fascia influences the respiration and the elimination of metabolism fluid flow within the immune system. Fascia is also stress responsive becoming thicker as the body responds to real or perceived threats and any other activation of the sympathetic atomic nervous system.

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