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On site sessions through TG Therapy offers the choice of a professional therapist chair or table. Linens, oils, candles, and music are also included with accordance to the client preferences. TG Therapy practices to make each individual client's experience an enjoyable one.

Chair Massage

The massage chair is appropriate for small parties, for sporting events, or for performing at work sites. This type of session is a brief bodywork and is usually a shiatsu-based routine. Performed in a special massage chair, the client remains fully clothed while seated facing toward the cushions. Only the scalp, shoulders, neck, back, and hips are exposed. This session may last between 15 and 30 minutes per client.

Table Massage

A partial or a full body service can be performed using a massage table. For this session the client undresses into under garments. Undressing nude is optional. The body is then draped with a sheet exposing only the body part that is being massage. As the massage rotates around the body from front to back, so does the draping to add comfort and security. This session working through all the parts of the body may last between 45 to 90 minutes.

Warm Oils

Included in the massage are the use of warm oils. A variety of oils are available including the top three choices:

    As a stimulating and uplifting oil, it is beneficial for all types of congestion including mental and physical sluggishness. It has been suggested to use for sinusitis, headaches, poor memory, migraine, coughs, flu, fluid retention, cellulite and rheumatism. Considered as a wonderful pick-me up, it is ideal for a morning bath or before an evening out.

    Considered the most versatile and useful of all the oils, it is tremendous for relieving stress, headaches, insomnia, depression, scars and burns. Also, this oil known to stimulate the immune system.

    Oil has the unique ability to balance, uplift, and calm without sedating. This is ideal for combating depression and anxiety. Antiseptic properties of this oil help to treat skin conditions. However, the oil sensitizes the skin to ultraviolet light and is not recommended before sunbathing.

Mood Settings

To add to your ambience the options of music, lighting, and extra linen is available. Music options can be from your personal selection or provided from some recommended choices. Candle and soft bulb lighting can also be provided per client's request. A variety of scented candles will also be an option at your session.

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